Upcoming Workshop

May 19th, 20th

Natural Dyes

with Carol Leigh


For the two day workshop the 12 dye pots will include Cochineal RED, Madder Root ORANGE,
Quercitron (black oak inner bark) YELLOW, Indigo BLUE, Logwood PURPLE, Yellow + Blue
GREEN, Cutch BROWN, and many other shades, tints, and hues — at least 24 colors from these.
The workshop will cover mordant preparation, and specific extraction processes for each dye to
obtain a rainbow of colors, also after-baths, on wool loops for every student, which may be labeled or
used for a variety of projects. We will each have wool loops to show all the final colors!
Carol Leigh Brack-Kaiser has been with our guild before and taught us the Navajo style of weaving.
She is in business since 1982 with the Hill Creek fiber studio in Columbia, Missouri. Carol has a
Masters Degree, is the author of Nature Provides, Dyes for Rainbows, a Workshop Approach, with 30
years teaching natural dye workshops at her studio, the Campbell Folk School, and other venues around
the country. She recently returned from teaching a one-day dye workshop to the Chickasaw Nation in
Oklahoma, doing 14 colors in 3 hours. They made 2 pot holders with their extra wool loops. This was
a short simple version of what she will do for us! Class will be from 9am to 4:30 – 5pm.
Ellen is your workshop contact person: lwycombe@woh.rr.com

(More information from Ellen and Rosalie)

Hello folks that are in our dyeing workshop. Here is information for you that I’ve gotten
from Carol Leigh and myself. I & Antonia will arrive early to start the fires and water boiling.
You should be there at 9am. We will probably call it quits each day at 4:30 – 5pm.

“I’m estimating about 60 colors, with 40 loops per ring of each color. This will allow one
loop per color per student to label for their records, plus two extra loops per color to offer
them the opportunity to weave 2-3 potholders. The left-over loops may be used by the
Guild to weave for a fund-raiser or whatever else the Guild decides.
I will bring enough string tags for all the labels: About 60 colors each.
I will also bring enough potholder looms for students to borrow or buy (I’m always surprised
by the number of people who still own their own potholder looms from their childhood!)
The left-over dye baths may be retained by the Guild or its members for further exploration.
Have members bring empty gallon jugs for this use.” Carol Leigh
(I have many empty clear plastic cat litter containers! – EO)
Please remember to bring drinks and a bag lunch for Saturday and Sunday. There is a refrigerator
and microwave in the kitchen of the firehouse which we can use.
We usually take our teacher’s out to dinner (on the guild) and will do so with Carol L. We
hope many of you will join us on Saturday. We will decide where that day.
A number of us in the guild, and Carol herself, are providing the burners and pots. It’s been
quite a hunt and I feel we have enough now for dyeing. Antonia and I have visited Thrift
Shops, and friends are loaning some large “turkey deep fryer” burners too.
We will have the garage tent for shade, but you will want sun-glasses and perhaps a hat for
protection. If windy, you will want a light jacket or sweater. Do wear clothes that you don’t
mind getting stained!
It was suggested that you may want to buy some loose-leaf colored section dividers. These
can have holes punched in them to put the loops through and identified what dye baths,
mordants, etc., were used to obtain that color. Carol is also offering string tags. Bring pen
and paper for notes. A very large metal loop ring may help with the wool loopers if you
don’t want the loose-leaf binder and colored section dividers. “


Note: Information, particularly on pricing, is subject to change depending on number of participants.  For questions or uncertainties, please contact Leslie Edens at czerniana@yahoo.com

Last updated:5/10/2018