Upcoming Workshop

April 9th, 10th

Iridescent Weaves

with Bobbie Irwin


– Bobbie Irwin is coming from the workshop she is giving at the Cincinnati Guild to hold ours. On Monday and Tuesday we will have the workshop on Iridescent Weaves. After the Tuesday workshop we will have our regular meeting later at 7pm. Bobbie Irwin will give a program about the Iridescent Weaves and how they are made. Cost is $55 and a separate cost for your warp and weft supplied by Bobbie. There will be four sizes of warp: 9” width $18, 12” width $24, 15” width is $30, 18” width is $36. The warp and weft are mailed in wound balls. The size of the warp determines the number of colors in the warp. The 9” has 3 colors, 12”- 4 colors, 15” – 5 colors, and 18” – 6 colors. The postage of these yarns is included in our main cost. Workshop is now closed. Held at the Glaesner Hall.





Note: Information, particularly on pricing, is subject to change depending on number of participants.  For questions or uncertainties, please contact Leslie Edens at czerniana@yahoo.com

Last updated:3/16/2018