(Tentative schedule, to be finalized more during summer break)

September 2018 – Welcome back and our Show and Tell of what we did over the summer. Tuesday 11th.

October – ? Tuesday program – “Dressing the Tudor Woman” Drea Leed. She will dress a model from
the kirtle (under-dress) on up to her head-dress.

November – Robin Spady – “Cutting Loose with Tied Weaves” Nov. 9 – Friday lecture, workshop Sat.
10, Sun. 11. Approved.

December – Holiday Party with food donation to the Fairborn Food Pantry. Tuesday, December 11.

January 2019 –

February – ? Looms & Spinning Bee – all types of wheels and a great wheel to try out. Many types of
table looms to try your hand at. Saturday

March – “Secrets to Award Winning Felts” with Boyd Hastings – 12 March program. One day workshop on
16 March, Saturday. Beginner and Intermediate needle-felting and some wet-felting. Glaesner Hall

April – Deb Todhunter – “Red and White Checks” Friday – 26 program. Saturday 27 and Sunday 28
workshop. Approved.

May – ? Leslie Arendt 1770-1880’s Costume program. Excellent speaker!

June – Weft-Over Sale and Picnic



2017-2018 Workshops: DONE

  • October 14-15: Letty Klein gives a program at the Friday meeting, 7pm, about the Shepherd’s Braided Rug and how to use your leftover wools you’ve collected. On Saturday and Sunday you get to make a rug. She will have roving for sale if you haven’t bought any at the Wool Gathering. You’ll need from 3 to 4 lbs. for the small rug. She has a materials kit for the workshop so you can sew it together. Letty will launder everyone’s rovings so they felt correctly. All held at the Bethel Church, Glaesner Hall. Workshop 9a-5pm. We can work out the starting time for workshop!
  • January 13th:  Anne Berdanier on Naalbinding, a Scandinavian style of finger-weaving cloth.  We’ll hold a short workshop on making a small item to learn the basic stitch.  The workshop will be from 1pm to 3pm and the materials kit will be $5 each with the flat needle and items needed. 6 to 8 student spaces with three helpers to sit among you showing the stitch! We will be at Bethel Lutheran Church’s Glaesner hall in Hustead.
  • March 10-11:  Pat Maley; master spinner from the Hand Weavers guild of America, will be holding a workshop one day on Cotton: 10 Ways To Spin It, and the other on Spinning Bast Fi-bers: Ramie, Hemp, Bast Bamboo, Flax.
  • April 9-10: Bobbie Irwin is coming from the workshop she is giving at the Cincinnati Guild to hold ours. On Monday and Tuesday we will have the workshop on Iridescent Weaves. After the Tuesday workshop we will have our regular meeting later at 7pm. Bobbie Irwin will give a program about the Iridescent Weaves and how they are made. There will be four sizes of warp: 9” width $18, 12” width $24, 15” width is $30, 18” width is $36. The warp and weft are mailed in wound balls. The size of the warp determines the number of colors in the warp. The 9” has 3 colors, 12”- 4 colors, 15” – 5 colors, and 18” – 6 colors. Workshop is now closed. Held at the Glaesner Hall.
  • May 19-20:  Program and Workshop -”Ancient Dyes for Rainbows” on Natural Dyeing by Carol Brack-Kaiser Leigh. 6 – 8 dye pots. Workshop will cover mordant preparation, specific extraction processes for each dye to obtain rainbow of colors, also after-baths, on wool loops for every student, which can be labeled and also used in varied projects of your choice. Held outside at the Hustead Firehouse. Cost is $100.20, 2 spaces are still open. There are 10 signed up – 12 spaces total.




NOTE: These events are subject to change at any time, as cancellations or location changes may be necessary.  Our facebook page will likely have the most current information for these last minute changes.  If you have any questions, please email Leslie Edens at


One comment on “Workshops

  1. Hello,
    My name is Deborah Silver and I am a split-shed weaver. This is a process that allows weavers to break out of blocks and choose where a pattern structure shifts. It is a wonderful way to create pictorial imagery without using multiple tapestry bobbins, shaft switching, or pick-up sticks. I am offering one-day workshops beginning in October. If you would like to learn more about my work, please visit my website: or my Facebook page:
    Please feel to contact me with any questions:
    Thank you,
    Deborah Silver
    SPLIT SHED BEIDERWAND short course description
    Break out of blocks with split shed weaving. Weave curves and blend colors using continuous wefts on a 4 shaft loom with no special equipment. In this one day workshop, students will learn the split shed beiderwand technique, which uses only three weft yarns. They will also learn to make a cartoon on cloth that will advance with the warp and will not wrinkle when beating. This is the same technique I use to weave pictorial imagery in my art.

    Split-shed Beiderwand one-day Workshop details
    This workshop will teach the basics of split-shed weaving using a variation of the beiderwand pattern. This type of weaving uses four shafts, five treadles, and three weft yarns which all travel from selvedge to selvedge. Students will learn how to produce shading with yarn in order to create dimensional-looking imagery. They will also learn how to make and use a cartoon on cloth that will advance with the warp and will not crinkle when beating. Although this workshop can be done on a table loom, I suggest that students use a floor loom (with foot treadles) if possible as it speeds up the weaving process.
    Looms will need to be pre-warped. Students will provide their own weft yarns (instructor will mail samples of acceptable yarn types). 8/4 cotton warp yarn may be purchased from the instructor for $10 (includes shipping in USA) or purchased elsewhere. Students will also need two 10” – 14” flat shuttles and one other shuttle of their choosing that will be comfortable to use with an 8 to 9 inch wide warp.
    Instructor’s fee: $500, plus travel and accommodations (a quiet room in a home is fine), covers up to 20 students. Fee includes a 30 – 45 minute PowerPoint lecture about the split-shed weaving process, making a cartoon on cloth, and the instructor’s artwork. This lecture is open to anyone whom the group chooses to invite. The fee also includes all cartoon–making materials and instructional handouts.
    If time allows, students will have a chance to experiment with Split Shed Bronson Lace, which uses the same threading as Beiderwand, with a slight change in tie-ups.

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