The business meeting of the Weavers Guild of Miami Valley was called to order by President Carol Baugh at 7pm on
September 11, 2018 at the John Bryan Center in Yellow Springs, Ohio. 25 folks were present with one guest.
Minutes of June meeting were approved.

Treasurer – Karen Schnee, absent – Beginning balance at Aug. 1 – $~~~~~ Income from Vanguard reimbursement –
$2,200.00 equals ending balance (Aug. 31) is $~~~~. PNC checking account $~~~~~ Vanguard balance (Aug.
31) of – $~~~~~ Petty cash $~~~~~. Total guild funds are $~~~~~~~ Report filed for end of fiscal year audit.
Karen is working on asking a CPA from Cincinnati Guild to do our fiscal audit.

Publicity– Lois Pelekoudas – Articles are placed in the Yellow Springs Newspaper.

Web Master – Leslie Edens is asking if someone will be interested in taking on this job. Our site is up-to-date.

Newsletter Editor – Ellen Ottoson – Some members were missed and are now added to the PDF mailing list with new
folks. Up-to-date 3/fold guild flyers were approved for printing & cost $84. To be handed out at A Wool Gathering
and yarn shops. Guild members felt their needs are being met in our newsletter when asked.

Refreshment Committee – A sign-up sheet for months needed was passed around and members volunteered and completed
it. It was asked if refreshments were needed and most agreed yes, as some folks miss dinner to come to meetings
and it is appreciated. It creates a social time to talk with one-another.

Programming – Lois Gladchild and Shelley Stevens – They went over all of the program for the upcoming year and
passed around the sign-up sheets. Boyd Hastings – Felt Workshop is cancelled, and a program on Locker Hooking will
replace it. See page 9 for the up-to-date listing of all programs!

Membership Committee – Penny Marsh – She has made more name badges for each of us and reminds us to sign in
the Attendance Book at beginning of each meeting. Two new members joined tonight. We have 46 members now.
Remember to pick up your guild Membership Booklet & Roster that are newly printed. New names will be added on
separate paper and handed out.

Library – Cathy Klenke – stated any books taken out at the September meeting will not be due back until January
when we meet again at JBC. She mentioned she opens the library earlier at 6:30pm before meetings for use of members.
Spin In and Fiber Meet-Ups – Becky Jarvi, Carol Baugh. Working on a Thursday in October. To be announced.

Old Business

70th Guild Anniversary Celebration – Carol Baugh – Topics discussed were a scholarship fund and present it to a
fine arts student (general opinion – no), and have displays at libraries & city buildings. Questioned how long to display
– month of August or longer as the guild was created August 1949. Need to speak with local libraries.

Lewisburg Bi-Centennial – September 9, Sunday from 12 to 6pm. Wearing an 1880 costume, Ellen O. demonstrated
spinning and weaving. Guild information and samples of yarns and weavings were shown. We are invited back.

A Wool Gathering – September 15, 16, 2018. Set-up is 4pm on Friday, Sept. 14. Volunteers to work the booth and
enlist husbands for set-up signed on the work sheet. We need help with children’s activities and bring your sampler for
our Iridescent display theme.

Meeting closed at 8:27 p.m.

Refreshments – Tonight they were provided by Ellen Ottoson. Gluten-free baked goods and sugar-free alternatives
were offered.

Our Program tonight is a Show and Tell Of What We’ve Done Over the Summer. We sat in a circle and
each person displayed their weavings, twined rugs, quilts, knitted items, home-dyed yarns using plants in her
garden, award winning items shown at local county and state fairs. There is more and please see pictures of
all our wonderful work in this newsletter!

Respectfully submitted by
Ginny Moody, Secretary