September 2017 Meeting Minutes

President Carol Baugh called the meeting to order at 7p.m. at the John Bryan Center in Yellow Springs on
September 12, 2017. We had 15 persons attend and one visitor, Joyce, a friend of De-De’s.

I. Minutes were accepted as read.

II. Treasurer – Karen Schnee – Balance of 8/31/17 is $24,575.09 PNC checking – 5,960.39 (Aug.31, 2017)
Vanguard Account – is $18,560.90 (8-31), Petty cash on hand 53.80. Report filed for audit.

III. Bylaws Committee – Volunteers to be on this committee are Leslie Edens, Diana Nelson, and Ellen
Ottoson. They will review the bylaws that were updated and still in progress.

IV. Membership – Kay Bertrand, Penny Marsh – There are 27 paid members as of today. Dues must be
paid immediately if you are to be included in the new membership booklets.

V. Programming – Rosalie Campbell, Ellen Ottoson, Leslie Edens – (See page 10 for programs and workshop
details.) A 1/2 payment deposit must be made to hold your place for the coming October workshop
per guild policy. Many paid today to hold their place. Awaiting three contracts at this time.

VI. Website – Leslie Edens – Up-to-date information is being received and placed on our site.

Vl l. Library – Cathy Klenke – all accounted for but one book out to a member.

VIII. Publicity – Lois Pelekoudas will publicize our programs to local newspapers and the Art Council.

IX. Newsletter – Ellen Ottoson – Created a new Masthead for the front cover and all new pages for the
Publisher program to run more efficiently. New members are added to the e-mail list.

X. Refreshment Committee – List was sent around and members volunteered. February & March blank.
Old Business

I. A Wool Gathering event – 15 September, Friday at 3pm we will set up the white garage tent. Help is
needed. The sign-up sheet was passed around for volunteers to man the booth and demonstrate.

II. Purdy Lil’ Suri Alpaca Farm Days Demonstration being held on September 23, 24 – folks needed.

III. Art Show at the Yellow Springs Senior Center – Requirements and dates were reviewed. See page 5
New Business

I. Weaving out-reach program at United Senior Services in Springfield – Rena Conrad – We will be holding
a Handmade Fiber Arts Show from October 6 – 20. Come and see what our students have woven.

The Cincinnati Guild has a sale coming up for the holidays and their cards are available on the sign-in desk.
It is being held on November 10, 11, 12, 2017.

The meeting adjourned at 7:35pm.

Refreshments tonight were provided by Ellen Ottoson.

Program – Members showed what they created during the summer. Pictures were taken of these items.

Respectfully submitted by
Rena Conrad, Secretary


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