May 18, 2018 Weavers Guild of Miami Valley was called to order at 7pm by Karen Schnee, acting
President for Carol Baugh.

The meeting was held at the Hustead Firehouse where the Natural Dyes Workshop is being
held. Twenty-four persons were present and some of our visitors became members tonight.

Minutes of April meeting were approved as printed in the newsletter.

Treasurer – Karen Schnee – April 30 balance of accounts: PNC checking account $—— Vanguard
balance of $—- Petty cash $—-. Total guild funds are $—– Report filed for end  of fiscal year audit.

CommitteesPublicity- Lois Pelekoudas – Continuing to put articles in the Yellow Springs Newspaper.
Web Master – Leslie Edens – No report at present.
Programming- Ellen Ottoson – Annual Weft-Over Sale & Picnic is on Tues, June 12 meeting at the
Glaesner Hall. Next guild season: Three programs are approved already: Deb Todhunter – Red & White
Checks, Boyd Hastings –
Felt Workshop, Robyn Spady – Tied Weaves. See page 8 for details of other proposed programs.
New Programmers for next guild season: Shelley Stevens & Lois Gladchild will send around papers
for suggestions for programs that members are interested in having.
Membership Committee – Penny Marsh – We have 52 members and Four new members tonight.

Old Business
70th Guild Anniversary Celebration – Library displays were again discussed and members willing to
look into this
should e-mail display information about their local library to Carol Baugh. It was suggested we
give a one-time scholarship to a fiber arts student or program.
A World A’Fair – Tonight May 18, and this weekend at the Convention Center in Dayton: Kay Bertrand
has Diana Nelson, Karen Schnee, Murlea Everson, Iris Helis and herself weaving at the loom on a
Tartan design. On Friday they will be wearing a costume as requested by the Scottish Society.
Lewisburg Bi-Centennial – September 8, Saturday, 9 Sunday from 12 to 6pm. 1880 costume encouraged.
Ellen O. volunteered to demonstrate the Great Wheel and weaving on a small Norwood loom. She would
like at least one other
person to help.
A Wool Gathering – September 15, 16, 2018. Make items to sell at our guild tent! Sign-up sheet
passed around to work in the booth. We need volunteers to help put up the white tent on Friday and
take down on Sunday.

New Business
Yellow Springs Art Council – Guild passed a motion to display in their gallery in October 2019 for
one month. Julia
Cady has antique display panels and volunteered to be the coordinator. May sell your work for a 25%

In August is the yearly Clifton Music and Arts Festival – Lois Pelekoudas welcomes those willing to
demo to join
her at the tent we are given. It is August 24, 25. It is an easy demo and lots of fun with music,
Tatters Guild, and food trucks for meals. “Music to demo by.” Usual participants are Ellen O,
Diana N, Pat Partida, and Lois P.
Antonia Harter and Kathy Wright have three Sheep Skins with the fur on for sale from the Maryland
Fiber Fest.

Meeting closed at 8:15 p.m.

Refreshments were served tonight by Penny Marsh.

Show and Tell – Karen Schnee displayed a scarf woven from Gail Larvenz’s dyed yarns to give the
“Snake Skin” appearance in the weave from Handwoven Magazine. She also showed us towels she made while
demonstrating at A Wool Gathering. New member, tonight, Jewel Cowan made a lovely rag rug on an old
antique type rug loom. Penny Marsh showed her towels in a “Frog Jump” pattern. Esther Bechler (new
member again!) showed her felted item with Zen-tangles design in black and white. New member, Helen
Wilcox-Werling, made designs on cotton cloth using rust as the dye, De-De Heeter made a lap throw
of a very soft yarn called “I Love This Cotton”. Diana Nelson showed her finished samples of
different weaves and their effects on Iridescent Weaves from the last workshop.

Program: Carol Leigh Brack-Kaiser proceeded to show us samples of Natural Dyed items and woven
scarves she made. She showed the dye colors possible from book samples she made and will teach us
this weekend.

Respectfully submitted by Rena Conrad, Secretary