February 2018 Minutes


President Carol Baugh opened the meeting at 7pm, February 13, 2018 at the John Bryan Center in Yellow Springswith 19 members present.
Minutes of January meeting were accepted with the correction that Treasurer is Karen Schnee.

Treasurer – Karen Schnee – balance as of January 31, 2018: PNC checking account-$(redacted) Vanguard$(redacted)
Petty cash $(redacted). Total guild funds are $(redacted) Report filed for end of fiscal year audit.


Advertising – Lois Pelekoudas asked that information about monthly meetings be put on FaceBook.

Web Master – Leslie Edens’ computer is down & being repaired. She will do up-dates & Facebook in March.

Programming- Ellen Ottoson, Rosalie Campbell, Leslie Edens – February – Favorite Weaves will be held at the
Bethel Church on February 17,18. Fourteen drafts will be available. Karen Schnee will make up draft workbooks for
$5. March – The two day workshops of Pat Maley was too expensive and not enough signed up for it. Pat Maley
agreed to present a one-day Bast Fibers workshop on Sunday, March 11, costing $44/person. Workshop hours are 9-
4. Pat will present her lecture at 6 p.m. at the church hall . She will speak to us about “Fiber Basics” and our guild
meeting will continue afterward. There is still room for more to attend. See page 8 for details. This is now acceptable
to all involved.
April 9 and 10 Iridescent Weaves with Bobbie Irwin at the Bethel church. Guild meeting will be April 10, 7 p.m.
Tuesday night with Bobbie’s program. This workshop is full. More color warps were handed out tonight.
May 19 and 20, Carol Leigh’s Natural Dyeing workshop – The guild meeting and lecture will be held Friday, May
18 at the Hustead Firehouse and the workshop on the weekend. The fire kettles will be set out in the back area on the
grass with the AWG white tent set up for shade and discussions. There was a chance of having to cancel, but we now
have enough folks to make it a go with the Yellow Springs Rug Hooking group joining in! Two more of our members
signed up tonight.

Nominations Committee – President Carol B. created the committee tonight and volunteers Julia Cady, Diana
Nelson, and Lois Pelekoudas agreed to serve. Positions to be filled are:
President Carol Baugh and Treasurer Karen Schnee agreed to serve another term.Secretary – Rena Conrad requested to be replaced after serving her one term.
Programming Committee – Leslie Edens is unable to serve for 2018-19. We will need two persons here.
Motion made to eliminate position of VP Elect and appoint a standing programming committee of no less than 2
people to serve two years. The VP would be an ex-officio member to help coordinate programming. President Carol
B. asked the Nominating Committee to fill these positions. Motion was accepted.
Trustees – Two are needed for 2018 to 2020, their terms need to be staggered. Vice President – position is open.

Old Business

Guild Fiber-Arts Show at the Yellow Springs Senior Center – Diana Nelson reports the show was successful. Rosalie
C., Penny M., Cathy K., Ellen O. volunteered to help take down our artworks on March 1, Thursday, 10 a.m. Items
will be held or dropped off to owners at March meeting. Any items you sold, speak with the Senior Center concerning

70th Guild Anniversary – Pres. Carol B. asked for suggestions for ways to celebrate next year. Being considered.

Bylaws – were discussed at length with membership adding refinements. A lot was accomplished.
Suggestion was made to look into a policy on Misconduct to council, and if necessary, expel a member for unacceptable
conduct. Ellen Ottoson searched policies of another organization and an option was presented to our members
for review. This policy would spell out steps to be taken by the Board and President to correct unacceptable
situations. Discussion held and questions asked of need for insurance for possible litigation. Further acceptable details
will need to be worked out.

Meeting closed at 8:40 p.m.
Refreshments were served today by Ginny Moody. The St. Valentine’s Day themed appetizers were generous and
Ruth Archer laid out a large collection of weaving samples from other guilds for the taking.
Respectfully submitted by Rena Conrad, Secretary




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