Minutes for April, 2018


After a two day Iridescent Weaves workshop today, led by Bobbi Irwin, President Carol Baugh opened the meeting at
7 pm in the Glaesner Center of the Bethel Lutheran Church with 18 members present and 2 guests – Janet Peasant and
Michelle Grigsby.

Minutes of March meeting were approved.

Treasurer – Karen Schnee – PNC checking account $(redacted)  Vanguard balance of – $(redacted)
Petty cash $(redacted). Total guild funds are $(redacted) Report filed for end of fiscal year audit.
I Committees

Publicity– Lois Pelekoudas—An article is in the Yellow Springs Newspaper.

Web Master – Leslie Edens is helping with the website and making it more user friendly.

Programming– Ellen Ottoson reported that the May meeting is on Friday, May 18 at 7pm. The workshop for Natural
Dyes will be at the Hustead Fire Department May 19, 20 at a cost of $96 each for 12 folks. One space is open. Annual
Weft-Over Sale & Picnic is on Tues., June 12 meeting at the Glaesner Hall. Next guild season: Three programs are
approved already: Deb Todhunter – Red & White Checks, Boyd Hastings – Felt Workshop, Robyn Spady – Tied

Membership Committee – Penny Marsh – One new member, Kathy O’Neal. Addendum sheet of new members

Nominations Committee – Julia Cady, Diana Nelson, Lois Pelekoudas – The following slate was presented for officers
for 2018-19 and unanimously approved by voting membership:

President Carol Baugh (serving a second term)
Treasurer Karen Schnee (serving a second term)
Vice President – Kay Bertrand Secretary – .Virginia (Ginny) Moody
Trustees – Deneen Perry- 2017–19 and Karen Camden – 2018-20, their terms to be staggered.
The president appointed the Programming Committee – Shelley Stevens and Lois Gladchild.

By-laws Committee – Updated and a motion was made to accept them as PDF’s sent out to all members by e-mail.


Old Business

70th Guild Anniversary Celebration – Plans to celebrate and some ideas: Library displays, booth at Yellow Springs
Street Fair, placed in fiber publications, social media & announce to other guilds.

A World A’Fair on May 18, 19, 20 – Dayton: Kay Bertrand has set up a loom with a Tartan design & needs two
more weavers. Scottish costume is needed on Friday for the costume contest of Best in Show.

Lewisburg Bi-Centennial – September 8 Saturday, 9 Sunday from 12 to 6pm. 1770 costume encouraged. Ellen O.
volunteered but would like at least one other to help.

A Wool Gathering – returns on September 15, 16, 2018. Make items to sell at our guild tent! Sign-up sheet was
passed around to work in the booth. Julia Cady suggested to again sell yarns and that the children’s weaving area was
also popular.

New Business

Yellow Springs Senior Center – was delighted with our weaving display and community interests. Asked if we
would consider doing this again!.

Yellow Springs Art Council has a larger venue and perhaps a display could be arranged in 2019.

Handicap Needs – A plea was made that we don’t park in front of the handicap ramp up to the entrance to the
Glaesner Center. Wheel Chairs cannot get around the cars to the ramp opening at that point.

Meeting closed at 8:10 p.m.

Refreshments were served tonight by Lois Pelekoudas.

Show and Tell – Cathy Klenke and Kay Bertrand showed their woven Iridescent samplers from today’s workshop.

Program – Bobbie Irwin gave a lecture on Iridescent weaves and showed a Power Point presentation explaining this.
It was very well received.

Respectfully submitted by Rena Conrad, Secretary


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