Wet Finishing Workshop

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Wet Finishing

When fabric comes off the loom it is not finished. Fulling, pressing, brushing and mangling can transform plain fabric into brilliant cloth. Wool develops a softer hand and drape, linen shines like silk and textures can bloom.


In this workshop we will explore the best methods for finishing your woven fabrics. We will look at protein and cellulose fibers, tabbies and twills and even a collapse fabric. Each participant will take a turn at the following techniques:


  • Washing
  • Fulling – light and extreme
  • Hot pressing
  • Cold mangling
  • Brushing


Fibers included:

  • Wool
  • Mohair
  • Silk
  • Bison or cashmere
  • Linen
  • Cotton
  • Bamboo (rayon)


7-10 samples will be provided. Each sample will include 2 pieces so you can have a before and after.


Equipment needed:

  • Irons and ironing boards (at least 4)
  • Rolling pins (4 – if anyone has a marble rolling pin, that’s even better)
  • Hard surfaces
  • Small plungers
  • Small pet brushes
  • Plastic table covers


I would like to have each participant weave a scarf for her/himself that we can finish on Sunday. Suggested size: 10” x 72” (width is more important than length). Any fiber, any pattern.


Saturday, we will start the day on protein fibers and work on cellulose after lunch. Sunday will be a shorter day in which we put theory into practice on our scarves and other handwovens.