End of Summer Post #1

Our President, Karren Brito, has requested a board meeting prior to the first September Meeting. Currently it's set for Tuesday, August 28th, at 7pm in the Guild Library at John Bryan Center. Old and new department heads are requested to attend. The meeting is also open to general membership, so if you have any ideas for the coming year, come in and tell us about them.

We've been invited to assist Clifton Gorge Music and Arts Festival on Saturday and Sunday, August 25 and 26. If you haven't received a notice from our Newsletter Editor on this and are interested, please contact me and I'll get you to the right person.

Don't forget the upcoming Woolgathering in September. I know i'll be stopping in to see all the wonderful stuff!

And, finally, our first meeting of the year is coming up Real Soon Now. I'll be posting another blog after the Board Meeting with more information.

Hope everyone's had a great summer and I look forward to hearing about it soon!

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