May 2017 Workshop – Resist Painting

May 21, 2017 @ 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Hustead Fire Department
6215 Springfield Xenia Rd
Springfield, OH 45502

Although SERTI is a French term for “fence” or “enclosing”, its origins date back to the 2nd century in Asia.  SERTI is a traditional way of  controlling water-based dye or fabric paint on silk using a resist, or gutta, so that the flow of dye is controlled by the design created by the fence. While the dye is kept from spreading beyond the resist fence, it enables the artist to create beautiful effects by layering the color, using water color, sumi, or Chinese wash brushes.  Although the differences between dyes and paints will be discussed, we will be using a silk paint designed to be easily heat set so that participants can go home with a finished piece.  This method is wonderful to use for a variety of purposes; scarves, hangings, pieces for appliqué onto quilts, let your imagination soar.

We have now 12 students and that will be $15 plus $15 materials = $30 per student.

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