Feb 27: Bi-Weekly Post

This is your bi-weekly posting, to let you know what sort of changes are being made at the website.
Since last time, I’ve renamed the “Announcements” tab to “Items of Interest” and added three categories beneath it. Guild Announcements, Upcoming Textile Events and In the News. If anyone has any events or website links to be added to these categories, just contact me at webmaster@wgmv.org.

I’m told some people are having problems receiving the notifications from this blog. Make sure you check in here once in a while in case you’re one of them and let me know. In fact, it’d be good if everyone who gets this were to post an email to me. That way I have an idea of who might be missing. Make sure the email didn’t get lost in any spam folders, because it may be the mass-mailing function that’s causing a problem.

This next month has some exciting stuff coming up. There’s the Fleece to Hat contest at the meeting, the Changing Landscapes exhibit at the Dayton Art Institute and a Drop Spindle “mini-workshop” coming up. Come and see!

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