Heading for the Holidays

We had a great Christmas/End of Year party at Ellen's. Much thanks to our newsletter editor for providing such a wonderful place to meet, greet and (lest we forget) eat. Not sure if she also provided the ham, but it was quite tasty.

Karren was able to give me more info on the upcoming events. We won't be having a January meeting, since that almost always gets snowed out.(Watch it be dry and sunny this time) but that we ARE going to do some things in January. Check our Classes tab for a list of demonstrations for the Fleece to Hat competition (you ARE going to join that, right?) and our Programs tab for more information on the Nick Cave field trip. Karren's the person to go to on that one, so make sure you call her if you're interested in the trip.

I'm told that there are still a few of you not getting updated on these posts. I'd appreciate if if those of you who do get an update were to drop me an email at kosagi@woh.rr.com. (If the link over there doesn't work, just copy the email into your email send field.) If you are visiting the site looking for an update and didn't get anything via email, definitely let me know.

Thanks to everyone and have a great Holiday season, whichever holiday or holidays you celebrate.

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