In a Flurry of Dusty Bits and Bytes

Summer is here. No more school. No more books. No more teachers’….

Ah, ahem.

Our 2011-2012 Calendar is just about over and I’ve been doing some updating of the website for the summer months. We still have a demonstration coming up, though, so check out the 2012 Summer Calendar for information. It’s the second item down.

Carol White, who stepped up to the post for Woolgathering 2012 has a message for you. I’m going to let her tell it in her own words here.

The Small Loom Study group has adjourned for the summer, but Karren is still doing her Spin-ins on Thursday evenings from 6-9 PM.

The next Board meeting will be in about 6 weeks and our President, Karren Brito, would like old and new board members to be there. Paid-up members of the guild are also invited. Details to come on location and time.

If you’re an officer in the guild, or are considering becoming one, you can find details on the job descriptions here.

There’s an ad for a Union Loom in the Classifieds. The estate sale auction is being held on July 4th and apparently you can bid for it online if you’d prefer.

Don’t forget today is Heritage Day and that the Changing Landscapes exhibit is still going. You can find details over in Upcoming Textile Events. (NOTE: I went to the Changing Landscapes exhibit and it is just gorgeous! Go if you haven’t yet, it’s worth the time.)

Well, that’s it for now. I’m sure there’ll be more updates and edits to the website coming. As always, let me know if you have suggestions and/or interesting items you think I should post.

Deborah J. Brown

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