January 2014

Hello and welcome to the new year.

We have a lot of neat things coming up in the last half of the year, from liturgical weaving to Lithuanian. We even have plans to visit another local alpaca farm. (I'm looking forward to it; alpaca are in my top five favorite fiber-bearing animals.)

The January workshop subject has been changed to "How to Warp your Loom", with Cay Dietz and Diana Nelson. They'll also be discussing use of a warping board. It's free, so come on in and get some pointers.

I'll be trying to do another blog post every two months in the future, unless something of big interest comes along. Don't forget that if you're on Facebook we have both a page and a group. Contact me if you want info on that.


(On a personal note: Much thanks to everyone for your expressions of sympathy for my family's recent loss.)

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