January Updates

I hope everyone's had a good start to 2012. I know I'm looking forward to all the programs and classes coming up.

I've changed the look of the Calendar tab to make things simpler. Rather than repeat the same information everywhere, the top of the Calendar tab will simply reflect the titles of the year's schedule. There are links from there to the tab associated with an item, so if you want further information, follow them.

January is a busy month for us. Karren's setting up a Field Trip to see the Nick Cave exhibit down in Cincinnati, we have a Share Day on what would be our usual meeting night at Diane Remmer's, there's the Small Loom Study Group and two classes on Fleece management preparatory to doing the Fleece to Hat contest. You have started forming teams, right? Make sure to contact Karren to let her know.

I'm in the midst of working up a Gallery for our photos. It's still in process of creation right now but keep an eye on it to see what I do there. Also, if you have photos you think should be added, let me know. I'll be glad to put them in. Keep them smaller, though, to save bandwidth.

If you see any problems with the site, make sure to let me know. Also, post me a note if you have any ideas to be added.

Thanks all. Let's have a great year in textiles!

Deborah J. Brown

Webmaster – WGMV

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