March 21, 2012 Update

Happy Spring Equinox! We’ve been having some wonderfully sunny weather lately, so I hope everyone’s been taking advantage of it.

We had a great Fleece to Hat event last meeting. Congrats to all the participants. You did a wonderful job showing off the different ways to get to the same goal. There are pictures up in the gallery for the event, with much thanks to Diane Remmers for taking the photos.

There are a few updates on the website you should know about. Karren has volunteered to have a Spin-in at her place on Thursday nights. You can find out more at the Guild Announcements page.

There’s a get together for those of us who learned about Backstrap Weaving (or who want to learn) over at the John Bryan Center at the end of March. Check out the Mini-Workshop page for more info.

The Indiana Fiber and Music Festival is coming in May in Clark County. Check the Upcoming Textile Events page for that one.

A reminder that this website can always use multiple pairs of eyes to keep it on track. Let me know if you see anything of interest out there, or if you find a typo or incorrect time or date so I can add or correct it.

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