Site Updates Galore!


New programming:

  • Our programming schedule has been updated thru April, with a new speaker for our February meeting. Lisa Morrisette, of the Dayton Art Institute, is coming in to discuss an exciting new exhibit of contemporary Chinese textiles. Go check out the February programming tab for more information.
  • We have two teams for our March “Fleece to Hat” contest. More are welcome, however. Karren is handling that, so make sure you let her know if you’re going to participate.
  • April will be Dr. Rivera-Strohm, who is also teaching a workshop in that month.

Updates to the site:

  • Announcements: I’ve been making some changes to the way the site looks. If you look at the menu line at the top of the screen you’ll see that there’s an additional item – Announcements – for you to visit. That’s where I’ll be putting help wanted messages or the like.
  • Gallery: I’ve started putting up some pictures from the meetings. If you have photos you think would help the site, pass them to me.
  • Calendar/Programming: If you hover your cursor over the Programming menu item under the Calendar, you’ll see more menu options, one for each upcoming month. You can still get an overview of Programming by selecting that menu item (just like you can get a full overview by selecting Calendar) but if you select a specific month you’ll get a full listing of information about the program for that month.

I will be beginning to write blog posts once a week here. Let me know if it gets to be too much.

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