The Andean Backstrap Weaving Workshop is now FULL!

 The balance of  any fees are due at the start of the workshop.  The workshop begins promptly at 10 AM Friday the 11 Nov. The workshop is from 10AM to 5 PM Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Come a bit earlier to pay your fees, find a space to work and settle in so Abby can begin at 10 AM.  All you need to bring is yourself, a special chair if you don't want to use the ones provided, reading glasses if needed to see and count the threads.  Abby is making the looms we will work on– she must be a busy beaver about now.  The workshop is being held in our normal meeting rooms on the 2nd Floor of the John Bryan Center.  We will take an substantial lunch break, so our bodies can take a rest, so you can either go out locally for lunch or bring some thing to eat.


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