Updates and Erratum

I trust everyone has been having an enjoyable holiday. As the New Year fast approaches, I have some news and information about upcoming events.


Ellen, our Newsletter Editor, has reminded us all that if we have anything for the newsletter, be it articles or photos, she needs it by January 29th.

Our upcoming events include the January Field Trip down to the Nick Cave exhibit on the 21st. ERRATUM: The .PDF says Karren needs a response by February 17th. I believe that should be January 17th instead.

We also have the Small Loom Study group coming up. ERRATUM: I had that down for the wrong day for the upcoming month. It's always set for the first Saturday of the month, which will be January 7th, 2012 this time round.

Don't forget to sign up for the Fleece to Cap contest. There are small workshop/classes coming up for people to learn how to do the required segments of the contest.

I've been working out how to set up a Member Gallery. There's still too much work to be done to call it ready but if you have photos you think would be good for that, send them to me.

Also, remember that this website always needs feedback and information. I'll accept guest blogs from those of you who have something they'd like to share with the guild and suggestions on how to make things better.

Thanks to all and I'll see you Next Year!

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