The Weavers Guild of Miami Valley, Inc. was organized in 1949 to promote interest in handweaving.  Today the Guild is a non-profit, educational organization promoting handweaving, handspinning and the textile arts.  The Guild offers educational programs in fiber techniques and processes and encourages artistic awareness and excellence in the textile crafts through lectures, discussions, exhibits, workshops and demonstrations.




What has happened to Spring? Hopefully it will show up soon and be nice for Easter.
Another successful workshop and program took place this weekend, March 10, 11. Pat Maley, Master
Spinner from the Weaver’s Guild of Greater Cincinnati taught us spinning using bast fibers (flax,
hemp, ramie and bast bamboo.) During the program for the guild, Pat showed numerous samples of
fibers that can be spun. It was a very good workshop and program and I learned a lot about spinning
short staple fibers.

So on to our next two workshops and programs — Iridescent Weaving taught by Bobbie Irwin on
Monday and Tuesday, April 9 and 10 — with the monthly meeting and program taking place at 7pm
on Tuesday, April 10, after the day’s workshop at the Glaesner Center.
The May program and workshop on Natural Dyes will be taught by Carol Leigh on Saturday, May
19, and Sunday, May 20 at the Hustead Fire Station. The monthly meeting and program will take
place on Friday, May 18 at 7pm at the fire station.

A slate of officers for July 2018-June 2019 guild year was presented at the March meeting and voting
will take place as soon as our revised by-laws are approved. Please refer to the minutes to see who is
wanting to hold what office and be prepared to vote!

Our current by-laws committee (Rosalie Campbell, Diana Nelson, Ellen Ottoson, Karen Schnee, and
myself) have finalized the revision of the WGMV By-Laws. You should have received a copy of these
updated by-laws via an e-mail. Please take a few minutes to review them. They need to be approved
before we can proceed with our election of officers. Because there are a couple of sections of the Policies
and Procedures that still need revising, they will be sent to you via email at a later date.
Hope to see you at the April meeting.

Carol Baugh
WGMV, President