The Weavers Guild of Miami Valley, Inc. was organized in 1949 to promote interest in handweaving.  Today the Guild is a non-profit, educational organization promoting handweaving, handspinning and the textile arts.  The Guild offers educational programs in fiber techniques and processes and encourages artistic awareness and excellence in the textile crafts through lectures, discussions, exhibits, workshops and demonstrations.




Hopefully we will not get any late winter storms. Don’t know about your yards, but all the early
flowers in my yard are blooming. After this nasty winter, it is so refreshing to see the color.
I would like to thank all of those members who attended our February meeting. I know the meeting
lasted a long time, but maybe we will finally get our by-laws updated which means we should not have
to review for five years.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the February Favorite Weaves workshop. I did, however, stop by
for a few minutes on Sunday to see what was on all the looms. The patterns and colors were so varied.
It will be interesting to hear (at the March meeting) feedback from those who attended the workshop.
Please don’t forget that our March meeting is scheduled for Sunday, March 11 at 6pm! We will begin
the day with the Spinning Workshop with Pat Maley. The workshop will begin at 9 a.m. and wrapup
around 4 p.m. After clean-up, we will have a quick dinner at Young’s Dairy Restaurant and then
at 6 p.m. Pat will present her program, “Fiber Basics”. Our meeting will follow Pat’s presentations.
I look forward to seeing you on Sunday, March 11.

Carol Baugh