The Weavers Guild of Miami Valley, Inc. was organized in 1949 to promote interest in handweaving.  Today the Guild is a non-profit, educational organization promoting handweaving, handspinning and the textile arts.  The Guild offers educational programs in fiber techniques and processes and encourages artistic awareness and excellence in the textile crafts through lectures, discussions, exhibits, workshops and demonstrations.




Welcome back to another year with the Weavers’ Guild of Miami Valley. This marks our 68th an-niversary as an organization and there are many exciting programs and workshops awaiting us this year. So, if you have not renewed your membership, please take a few minutes and mail your form (in the last June newsletter) or bring it to the September 12th meeting. This helps Penny Marsh and Kay Bertrand insure it gets into our Membership Booklets by October printing time.

Our Program Committee/Vice-Presidents have been busy scheduling artisans for this year’s programs and workshops. They include: Lettie Klein (Braided Shepherd’s Rug) in October, Pat Maley (10 Ways To Spin Cotton, and Spinning of the Bast Fibers: Flax, Ramie, Hemp and Bast Bamboo) in March, Bobbie Irwin (Iridescent Weaving) in April, and we are hoping to get Carol Leigh for Natural Dyeing in May.

Other opportunities to demonstrate our skills were afforded guild members at the Clifton Music and Art Fair just a couple weeks ago; and on September 23, 24th if you will volunteer, you can participate at the Taylorsville Alpaca Farm Days. In January 2018, guild members have been invited to show their work at the Yellow Springs Senior Center. Of course, we cannot forget the Wool Gathering which will be held at Young’s Dairy on September 16 and 17. These events will be discussed at upcoming meetings. So, stay tuned….

There are also a few pending issues that the guild will be addressing this coming year: these are a review of the guild’s by-laws, investigation of possibly moving to electronic payment for workshops, and the need for a new tent.

I am looking forward to our September meeting where we will see what members have ac-complished over the summer. Seems like all I have done this summer is pull weeds. When it rained, I did practice my spinning and I am starting to get yarn that looks like yarn! Another project I took on was a review of our guild meeting minutes from 1949-1957. For the next few months, I will place in our monthly newsletter a few pages of an outline that I created from these minutes. Hope you find this information as interesting as I have.

Carol Baugh