Meetings and workshop locations

BLC – Bethel Lutheran Church, at their Glaesner Community Center Hall next-door.
2731 W Jackson Rd, Springfield, OH 45502 At the corner of Hwy 68 (Springfield/Xenia Rd.) and Jackson Rd. in Hustead, OH in sight of Young’s Golden Jersey Inn restaurant across the street.

JBC – John Bryan Community Center
100 Dayton St., Yellow Springs, OH 45387 on the 2nd floor at the large two door room toward the front of the building. Our Library is kept here in the smaller room next door.

SM – St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, 100 East Main St, Fairborn, OH 45324

Guild Season 2021-2022 Schedule

September 2021

September 14, 7-9pm JBC

Meeting/Summer Works Sharing Program. Show us what fabulous things you made over the summer!

September 18 Saturday 10am – 6pm
September 19 Sunday 10am – 5pm

25th Annual Wool Gathering at Young’s Dairy Be sure to stop by our tent and see items hand woven by guild members, along with demonstrations of weaving and spinning. There will be items for sale from our guild members.

Pat Partida a long time member of the guild passed away recently. She had a large number of very fine fleece from a variety of breeds of sheep. Also she raised rabbits so a good amount of angora. She was an accomplished spinner. Our guild is assisting the family in selling her fibers and handspun yarn. Please stop by and see all of the lovely items for sale.

October 2021

October 9 10am – Noon SM

2nd Saturday Rigid Heddle Loom Try-Outs

October 12, 7PM- 9pm  JBC

Meeting first, then after the meeting stay and visit with your fellow members. Bring a small portable project to work on or just hang out. (Small loom, knit, crochet, etc.)

November 2021

November 3, 4 & 5  SM

CANCELLED and will be rescheduled for another date TBA

Martina Celerin, Workshop

3-D Weaving

Workshop fee $240 members / $265 non-member

Materials fee $10 (paid to instructor)

Class limit : 20

Workshop Chair: Rebecca Low

This will be a fun learning experience and you don’t need to prep a loom or bring supplies. Martina will provide everything for the workshop. This will allow you to learn the techniques and be creative at the loom. Below is a synopsis of what you will learn each day.

To see her work and to learn more about Martina visit her website at

Day 1

Weaving Using Reclaimed and Recycled Materials

I will introduce participants to the idea of weaving with reclaimed and recycled materials.  I’m drawn to this concept not only because it removes materials from the waste stream, but it also because broadens the base of textures and structures I’m able to incorporate.  My weaving style does not follow the usual rules of tapestry creation and so participants will be asked to work outside of traditional weaving conventions.   We will be using simple nail looms with pick-up sticks (batons) made from paint stirrers.  Participants might want either to do some sketches and/or bring weaving ideas, or to just go-with-the-flow and let their piece evolve as they are weaving it.  I will be describing weaving with multiple strands of yarn, mixing yarn types and weaving with non-conventional “yarns.”  I will demonstrate the Soumak weave and encourage participants to incorporate at least some of this weave structure into their pieces – so that on Day 2 we have a base for the dimensional crochet.  Participants can also experiment with incorporating yarn tufts into their work, as well as weaving with wire in order to add reclaimed beads and “beads”  (i.e. anything with a hole through it!) into their pieces.

Day 2

Embellishing a Weaving

We will begin the second day by introducing even more depth into the pieces by doing dimensional crochet.  I will introduce the participants to additional strategies for embellishing the weavings including creating wet felted balls and noodles.  Participants will be encouraged to do some wet felting using 3 different fibers (Shetland, Merino top, and Merino noils) to create simple wet felted structures that can be stitched onto their weaving creations.  We will then shift to wrapping and participants will be able to create wire-enhanced yarn-covered structured that can be made into bendable solid tubes of variable diameter. Participants will also be able to embroider and stitch beads onto their weavings.  Finally we will needle felt directly onto the weavings to appreciate the effect of smoothing and coating regions of the weavings. 

Day 3

Needle Felting Sculptures for Weavings

The focus of this last day will be needle felting, especially as it can be used to create free-standing creatures or objects that can be incorporated into a weaving.  We will begin with a wet-felted base and then use needle felting to adjust the shape.  We will use dyed wools and yarns to add color and detail to the evolving sculptures.  Participants that are experienced in needle felting are welcome to make a sculpture of their choice.  Newbies might want to begin with a decorative ball /ornament, while somewhat more advanced needle felters are welcome to make a whimsical bird.  I will describe and facilitate each of the projects.

November 9, 7pm – 9pm JBC

Meeting and a Silent Auction.

November 13, 10am – Noon SM

December 2021

December 11, 10am – Noon SM

2nd Saturday Needle Felt a Holiday Ornament with Esther Bechler

December 14, 7pm – 9pm JBC

Holiday Dinner and our Guild Challenge is due!

January 2022

January – Meeting. TBA

February 2022

February 8, 7pm – 9pm

Program – “A Trip to Bhutan and Thailand with Diana Nelson” Diana will share her photo-journey with us and show us fabrics from both countries.

Favorite Weaves Workshop at SM date TBD Kay is the chair for this CANCELLED

This meeting will be held via Zoom as we are not meeting in person at this time

March 2022

March date and location TBD


April 2022

April 11 to 13 CANCELLED

Jennifer Moore, Workshop

Rainbow Double-Weave

$TBD WGMV members / $TBD non-members

$10 Materials fee (paid to instructor)

Class limit: 20

Workshop chair : Rebecca Low

This is perhaps the ultimate color sampler! You will begin by winding a warp and setting up your loom according to Jennifer’s system and bringing it to the workshop. A basic 2-layered structure will enable you to mix and match your colors, creating an amazing array of color mixtures. As you weave and your warp colors move past each other, you will experience a visual feast of iridescence and moire’. We will also experiment with single-layered structures such as warp rep and warp-faced twills and the effects that they create on this versatile warp. Those set up for 2 blocks on 8 shafts will also be able to explore an unlimited range of block combinations. This sampler will provide a remarkable education in color theory and how optical mixtures work in weaving, as well as serve as a great source of inspiration for future weaving projects.

Jennifer Moore comes to us from Santa Fe, New Mexico where her studio is. She has a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Oregon. Her works have specialized in exploring the relationships between the mathematics of music and weaving in her double-weave wall-hangings. Her works have hung in large business buildings and in an embassy. She travels throughout the world giving lectures and workshops in weaving and design. She is the author of The Weavers Studio: Doubleweave. She has a website:

May 2022

May 10, 7pm – 9pm at JBC

Program – Home Fashion Show! Show us your best and favorite items you’ve made. Diana is the contact for this.

June 2022

June – Weft Over Sale and Picnic. We will hold our meeting and then have fun.

2019-2020 Programs (past)

  • October “Continuous Weaving with Antonia Harter”
  • November “Split Shed Beiderwand weaving with Deborah Silver “
  • December Holiday Potluck
  • January “The history of Tatting with Ann Segrest”, Program
  • February
    • “Amy Swanson from June Cashmere”, Program
    • “Favorite Weaves – Round Robin”, Workshop
  • March “Waffle Weave with Barb Gallagher”, Workshop