The Guild maintains a small collection of equipment for rental to members. If you are interested in renting any of the equipment contact Cay Dietz at, or 937-427-0951 (home). The procedure and policies for equipment rental are described in the Bylaws and Policies. 

Looms and Wheel

Schacht Wolf Pup, 4H floor loom. 18″ weaving width  


LeClerc 4H floor loom, 20″ weaving width  


Ashford 8H table loom,   


Schacht table loom,  


Schacht rigid heddle loom with stand, 20 ” weaving width $10/month
Schacht inkle loom  


Inkle loom $5/month
Ashford spinning wheel, regular flyer, 4 bobbins, carders, lazy kate 










Bobbin winder (manual) $3/month
Warping board (small) $3/month
Warping board (medium) $3/month
Warping reel (small) $3/month