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Weavers Guild of Miami Valley
PO Box 825
Yellow Springs, OH 45387


Leslie Edens:

Meeting Location

Unless otherwise noted, the Weavers Guild of Miami Valley meets the second Tuesday of every month between September and June. Most meetings are held in the second floor meeting room at the John Bryan Center in Yellow Springs.



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  1. Clare Angle says:

    Hi, I'm Clare Angle from California, presently spending several months in West Milton. I am a weaver and would like to attend Oct's Guild meeting as a guest. I need the details of time and place. Thank you. I also have a beautiful Gilmore 12 harness compact loom, with bench and extras for sale. May I advertise it in your newsletter or web page? Looking forward to meeting you all! Blessings to you. Clare

    • Deborah Brown says:

      Hi Clare,

      Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. The website doesn’t always send me notifications in a timely manner. I see from my emails that you got hold of Ellen, so it sounds like you’re good to go. Let me know if you need anything more!


  2. Katherine Mundhenk says:

    Hi! I want to try weaving again before I invest in any equipment. I'm struggling to find beginner weaving classes in SW Ohio that do not require the participants to have their own looms. Are you aware  of anyone teaching where looms of any sort are provided? Thank you for your assistance. kgm

  3. Hello,

    I picked up one of your fliers at the Wool Gathering and since then have acquired a small RH loom. I would be interested in attending your next meeting on January 12th. I notice that a location has not been determined. Could you tell me where that will be and if there is a charge for the program on Naalbinding?
    Thanks. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Leslie Edens says:

      We will be holding it at the Glaesner hall location I believe. That would be the Bethel Lutheran Church’s Glaesner Hall in Hustead. There is no charge for the discussion during our meeting. If you would like to participate in the workshop there is a charge, though what that is I’m not sure of off the top of my head. I would encourage you to email Ellen Ottoson at who will have more information on availability left for the workshop =) I hope that answers everything!

  4. Gabrielle Nappo says:

    I have a Leclerc spinning wheel for sale and would like to talk with someone about where I can post it for sale. I will be in Springboro Ohio from July thru Oct. Gabrielle Nappo 239-404-0537

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